Live in the present, walk in the present

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Live in the present, walk in the present. This sentence is very realistic. It tells us to live well in the present, instead of remembering the past or living in the dream of the future. At the same time, do what you want to do today instead of tomorrow.
"Here, I would like to thank" * Xi "for your reward. Thank you for bringing me hope in such an extraordinary period. Thank you! "
When we were little, the teacher asked us, what is your dream?
All the friends responded enthusiastically, some said that there would be a lot of money, some said that there would be a big house, some said that there would be endless apples
I remember when I said, I want to have my own bike, but also made of gold.
To everyone's reply, the teacher didn't comment, but just smiled, and told us to study hard in order to realize our dream!
Now, I think I was really stupid at that time. The thinking of the poor people is always so backward.
Yesterday, I saw such a small clip somewhere:
"A man who picks up dung keeps complaining that when I have money, I must buy a dung fork made of gold. I also want all the dung around here to be picked up by me..."
Why are the poor always poor? Because thinking can't change, and when you can't change the world, then change yourself, live in the present, live in today. Don't immerse yourself in the sadness of ignorance in the past, and don't bury yourself in the beautiful dream in the future. Those are not real and meaningless. The only meaningful thing is to live in the present, live well in the present and cherish what is in front of you. No matter what you do, if you think about it, do it now. Don't wait until tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Some things, do not do now, may never do again for a lifetime.
I used to have a grand goal. I told myself to get the first pot of gold when I graduated from university. However, five years after graduation, I still have nothing to do. Once, I threatened to go home and build a house in front of my relatives and friends. Now, I can't even pay the rent.
The reality is always cruel, once I just live in a dream, now, I understand, what kind of road I should take, what kind of reality I should accept, making money is not a matter of one day and one night, making money must start from small things. No one can eat a mouthful and become a billionaire.
In any case, what I need to do now is to keep learning and persevere. In the eyes of many people, I am busy. However, I believe that investment must be dull and unspeakable. If an investment can see the results at the beginning, then it is not called investment.
Time will never stop moving forward. No one in the world can stop it. So, instead of sighing in precious time, it's better to enjoy the present time, good or bad.
Live in the present, walk in the present
To live in the moment is to grasp every minute and second. In people's eyes, there is always a big difference between reality and dream. At this time, many negative emotions will grow, complain, lose and regret
Only those who live in the present and live seriously will cherish the present. Even if they are in deep water, they will be regarded as the experience of life and face the present misfortune bravely. The scientists who have made great achievements in history are often those who pay attention to the present moment. If Einstein, like many people, indulges in dreams, does not cherish the present and does not study hard, can he have remarkable scientific achievements? How could Hawking have the famous brief history of time if he was addicted to misfortune, depressed and abandoned himself, instead of facing up to the reality and making efforts to explore? Success is made up of countless moments in one second.
To live in the moment is to cherish every minute, every second, the real life and everything we have now.
To live in the present is to calmly deal with the unpredictable future. In the future, in the eyes of optimists, it's gorgeous fireworks, while in the eyes of pessimists, it's the mountain road. Some people only know how to indulge in the dream and imagine how they will prosper in the future, but they refuse to put their dream into action; some people are afraid of everything, always feel that the future is dim, and life is always gloomy.
At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the rulers could not see the changes of the world's current situation. They were absorbed in the dream of the vast land and abundant resources of the upper kingdom of China, and thought that their ancestors would be handed down forever. Finally, in the face of the evil claws of foreign invaders, the Qing government had no power to resist, just like a lamb, let it be slaughtered.
Haizi, a famous poet in modern times, was forced by the poverty of life and the infinite loneliness of his heart, unable to see the colorful prosperity of the future life, full of fear and despair for the future life, and finally ended his precious life cruelly. He committed suicide on the track, which made people feel extremely sorry, and a generation of poets left in this way. Living in the present, whether the future is prosperous or dark, whether the reality is flat or full of brambles, will meet the difficulties and live a solid life. Cherish the present for the future, and those who live sincerely are happy.
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